Loft Conversions in Epsom | House Extensions | We Answer Common Questions About These Popular Building Services

Have you already found your ‘forever home’ in Epsom? Do you follow the ‘improve, don’t move’ mantra? If the idea of moving house is off the cards for the long-term, you’ll likely face space-related issues sooner or later. The idea of calling in builders for home extensions and loft conversions may seem unnecessary when you first move into your spacious new property. But everyday life, growing families and personal circumstances eat into that space. Before you know it, you’ll be looking at ways to create some more.

At Capital Lofts Ltd we excel at house extensions of every kind. Our building company can also convert lofts in a range of styles. As evidenced in our extensive list of building services, our builders and qualified tradesmen have the skillset needed to deliver home extensions and loft conversions on time, within budget and to unrivalled standards.

These large-scale construction projects represent sizeable investments. What’s more, they will forever alter the functionality and appearance of your Epsom home. Naturally, if you’re considering one of these two options, you will want to ask us an array of questions to ensure complete peace of mind before work begins.

As a local, independent building company, we pride ourselves on the quality of our personal service. To get your project off on the right foot, we have answered below two of the most common questions we receive about the early stages of home extensions and loft or attic conversions.

House Extensions & Loft Conversions | Your Questions Answered

Do I need to secure planning permission for either project?
In short, maybe. Any final answer depends on your specific plans.

With home extensions, most single-storey designs fall within your permitted development rights. This means you don’t need to obtain planning consent from the local authority in Epsom before our builders break ground at your site.

However, if you live in a conservation area or an ‘Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty’, you have much more restricted rights in this regard.

Due to their size, double-storey house extensions almost always require planning consent before work can take place. Like any reputable building company, we prepare and submit an application on your behalf, if needed.

Most loft conversions qualify as a permitted development too. However, if you alter or extend the roof space beyond specified conditions and limits, you will require approval first.

A member of our building company is happy to clarify where your own project stands during an initial consultation at your Epsom property.

How long will construction take?
As above, there is no definitive answer on this. Whether you’re converting the loft at your Epsom property or investing in one of our home extensions, the duration of your project depends on its size. You also need to factor in that double-storey house extensions require planning permission before our builders start.

Generally speaking, a small, simple single-storey addition at the rear of your home usually comes in at 3 to 4 months. For larger double-storey extensions, this increases to 5 to 7 months. These timescales don’t include the design and planning phase and are only a rough guide.

During loft conversions, our building company optimises a structure that already exists. As such, they have a much quicker turnaround time. Again, we can only give you a timescale based on your property type and design aspirations – however, the average for a simple dormer conversion is around 6 weeks or less.

These questions only scratch the surface of planning house extensions and loft conversions. Call us on 0800 193 8890 to schedule a consultation in the comfort of your Epsom home.