Home Extensions in Surbiton | What Suits Your Needs More, Loft Conversions or House Extensions?

When it comes to improving or developing your home, you have numerous paths to choose from. Of course, your own personal circumstances and requirements will have the biggest influence on which route you take. For many homeowners in Surbiton, however, the need for more living space is the biggest motivation for calling in the builders. As such, home extensions and loft conversions represent two of the most popular services our building company provides.

At Capital Lofts Ltd, our team has experience with all kinds of house extensions. Likewise, we have converted countless lofts with stunning results. Whichever option you choose, you receive a start-to-finish service that covers everything from design, planning and architectural drawings through to the final completion.

As experienced builders covering Surbiton, we have managed these large-scale projects to completion time and again over the years. Our building company has proven insight, so we can advise which option works best for you.

When choosing between home extensions and loft conversions, you must consider multiple aspects. These include your property type and size as well as your design aspirations and lifestyle requirements.

No two projects are the same. Our builders can only make a firm recommendation after visiting your property and listening to your ideas, concepts and overall vision.

To get your project moving, however, we have compared the basic merits of house extensions and loft conversions below.

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Loft Conversions or House Extensions?

Should I Extend my Property?
The biggest benefit home extensions have over loft or attic conversions is their greater flexibility. Our builders create extensions from scratch. This results in a design and build free of pre-built limitations. In turn, this means you avoid struggling against awkward angles and sloping roofs.

However, you don’t have complete freedom to build an extension of any size. Limitations dictate you can only extend so far into your garden. This depends on the overall size of your Surbiton premises, the square footage of your original house and your proximity to neighbouring homes.

Single-storey house extensions, like many loft conversions, fall under permitted development rights. This means you don’t need planning approval from the local authority before our building company breaks ground.

Double-storey home extensions almost always do need prior consent. Our builders will happily prepare and submit the application on your behalf. Of course, building over two storeys creates the kind of new space that a loft conversion simply can’t match.

As a final benefit, when completed by a reputable, experienced building company, house extensions can add as much as 20% to your Surbiton home’s market value.

Should I Convert my Loft?
Like single-storey home extensions, loft conversions usually fall within your permitted development rights. As such, our builders can start the physical build without delay. However, you should note, if your conversion requires structural changes, or you have to raise the roof, you will almost certainly require planning approval.

When you convert a loft, you optimise  a structure that already exists. There’s no need to lay foundations and there’s less labour involved. This results in a quicker turnaround time and lower costs when compared with house extensions.

What’s more loft conversions don’t eat into your garden space. If your property in Surbiton already has a small garden, or you just don’t want to make a sacrifice in this area, our building company can still create the living space you need.

Much like home extensions, you can tailor your conversion to suit your exact needs. Be it a new bathroom, en-suite double bedroom, home office or a playroom for your children – the choice is entirely in your hands.

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